Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where's the road?

I encountered this bad weather while driving in Canada. This is what you call a "white out". I drove through these conditions for 30+ miles. It took me about 3 hrs. I have driven in worse, but i dont have pictures of it. Actually driving on snow isnt that bad. It smooths out the road. It also has a lot better traction that ice. If you look real close you can make out the road. As long as you dont feel a bump you are doing good. I meant a bump and a bang, or a bump and a crashing sound. Feeling a bump in Canada is real common.Feeling a bump and a bang isnt unusual either. What I hate the most about winter, is loading and unloading equipment. I cant stand it when its -20 F and the wind is blowing 25mph. You know its cold when your tears freeze. I guess someone has to do it.


The Miller Family said...

We're so glad you do this, because you do it for us!


The Pollock Family said...

FINALLY, a blog for real men!! A man can only take so much of this bloggin stuff. It's a refreshing relief. Enjoyed the pics of the trucks and the warehouses. Hope you can keep it up. Love to see more heavy equipment.

btw, wasn't that dangerous holding the camera in front of you while singing and driving? Even so it was worth the effort. You sounded much better than the BCB Band.

May the Lord bless you and safe driving.