Friday, July 10, 2009

Home time

I love to garden. These pictures were taken back in the spring. We made it a family affair. I did all the supervising. Its a hard job, but someone has to do it. Katie has learned a lot about gardening. I am going to save her some embarrassment and not show you any of her gardening pictures. Lets just say Helen Keller could have planted a straighter line than her. I am pretty sure Helen Keller has planted a straighter line than Katie. Katie does have a heart to learn how to garden. She is willing to do what ever it takes to have a successful garden. That makes my job of supervisor a whole lot easier.
Supervising Joey hoeing around the blackberry plants.
Giving the plants their first drink of water.

I'm the only one who can operate such a complicated piece of machinery.

"Are you going to sit their and keep taking pictures, or go get me some sweet tea that I asked for 30 minutes ago."


Jalapeno Peppers



Anaheim Peppers

Fresh Green beans

Collards, Squash, Peppers and Zucchini

I'm back!

I'm sorry I have not posted in a long time. I have been busy. I can't promise you I will keep posting. I know this site has fans all over the world, but be patient with me. I do not want to dissappoint my fans. I do have some bad news though. I had lots of good pictures on my phone, but it bit the dust. I will post what pictures I do have.
I took an Army tank to MN. I was not allowed to take pictures of it. I had military escorts from SC to MN. I was able to sneak some pictures while I was on the Army base in MN. Please don't tell anyone I have these pictures.

When I got to where I unloaded They wanted me to drive in a private parade for some big wigs in the Army. This is the convoy I was in.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where did I end up?

Me(Catfish) After eating a Chinese buffet on seafood night. (not the actual buffet but the food on the Buffet) IMade that little Chinese dude in the kitchen nervous. He kept coming to the kitchen door and staring at me. After about the tenth time. He finally had enough. He said to me" You,You big boy! You been here two hour! Why you not go home!"

Almost to my Destination

Wyoming ,Wild Fire. Not the horse Michael Martin Murphy sung about, but a real wild fire. People were running for there lives. Women and children were screaming. There were men outside spraying down there yards with a water hose. While their wife and children huddled in the bath tub full of water. It was total chaos.
Just kidding just a fire out in the middle of Wyoming. The wind was blowing pretty hard. The people in the town just a mile or so away could care less.

A radiator for a Cat engine. I was 15 foot tall on the trailer and I weighed 93,000 lbs. You should see the engine. It is a 16 cylinder 5000 horse power genorator engine.

A train load of John Deere tractors. It was 3 trains wide. Fixin to go on a boat over seas. This was at the Port of Baltimore.

Close up

A brand new Cat 16M Motor Grader.
One of the biggest motergraders made. Tires are 6ft 6in tall. I just unloaded this at the Port of Baltimore.

A frozen river at the Port of Be'cancour in Quebec. It is near the city of Trois Rivie'res (Three River)

I dont want the Dischers to think they have the neatest blog on the web. So I hope this does not make yall jealous. I am going to give you some clues of some neat places I have been to. The first 5 people to guess the all the questions correctly and in order, wins a prize. The prize will make the dischers prizes look like a halloween size box of chicklets. I will keep the comments unpublished until I get 5 correct answers. The first will get the best prize. It may take a while cause Ive never had 5 people look at any of my posts on my rinky dink blog.

1 This is located in the same county as a major battle in the Civil War. It grows lots of Apples. So many that it has a museam for the apple industry. Name the city, county and State.

2. This place has an unusual street grid layout. Typically, street grids are arranged east-west and north-south, especially in the midwest. In this case, the streets in the downtown area, centering on the courthouse building, are arranged northeast-southwest and northwest-southeast. This was done so that all four sides of the courthouse building would receive some sunlight every day of the year. In the traditional grid system, the north side of a building never receives direct sunlight during the fall and winter months. The area was originally settled by Virginia war veterans who received the land from the government as payment for their service in the American Revolution. Name the city and county

3.I was born in Idaho, just after the civil war. In 1908 I won a competition for a statue of the Civil War General Philip Sheridan( R. Gs second favorite general) to be placed in Sheridan Circle in Washington D.C. What was I most famous for and what city and state was that famous thing located?

4 This people have a name for themselves which mean "we the people". What is this name? Their leader said " Here me, .... I am tired. My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever" When, where and by whom and to whom was this said? Who was he a leader of?

5 I was the leader of the famous Corp of Discovery. In 1793 I joined the Virginia Militia. I was sent as part of a detachment involved in putting down the Whiskey Rebellion. Along the route of the Corp of Discovery there are towns named after me and one of my comrades. What River flows between these two towns and who was I and what was my father's name and rank?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My real job

Daniel slinging paint.

Katie made matthew pretend to do some drywall for the camera. Oops wasn't supposed to let you know that.

I ain't doing anything just can't get up.
Fat boy, before I realized I was stuck under the table.

Joey, showing his brothers how its really done.Benny ain't complaining, cause it has turned into be to much like work.

The floor finally complete.
My favorite daughter having a bad hair day.
Me,putting the finishing touches on the counter top.

Me head foreman. Matthew chief nail gun operator.
(I look the part, with that big fat construction pencil behind my big fat ear, on my big fat head, on top of my big fat neck, above my big fat gut. I purposely stuck my gut out to make katie mad, so she would stop taking pictures of me.)

Jr. acting like he was doing something. I guess he was keeping the sink from popping out of the cabinet.
Attaching pantry to wall.
The almost finished product. Will do the trim next time I'm home.

Some people have asked how I do it. I drive so many miles in bad weather with such large loads. I keep very irregular sleep hours, and I'm away from my family weeks on end. I admit I'm held accountable to a lot of people, at my job for pay. That ain't a drop in the bucket to what I'm accountable for, as the patriarch of my family. I look forward to and enjoy my home time. I am more tired going back on the road, than coming off the road. Sometimes it feels like a vacation, to go back to work. That sounds crazy, with having such a tough and demanding job. We get a lot of things done when I'm home. I can't wait for the day when I can relax the whole time I'm home. However, there is nothing more rewarding than, working towards the vision the Lord has placed in your heart , for your families future. I wanted to get 2 things done while I was home this time. One was finish the kitchen for my bride. The other was plant the olive tree and fruitful vines, as a symbol of the promises in Psalms 128(post to come soon). That is also our family theme Scripture. I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some old Pictures

These are some old pictures. I will try to post pictures and a log of my travels weekly.

A large tire for a dump truck. This was taken at the port in Longbeach CA. That is a legal size note pad at the bottom. That is all I had to give a ref. to the size. the rim for this tire is about 6ft tall. They say this tire cost $12,000.

This is a dump truck i delivered to a coal mine in W.V.

This is part of a front end loader I took to New Mexico

Where's the road?

I encountered this bad weather while driving in Canada. This is what you call a "white out". I drove through these conditions for 30+ miles. It took me about 3 hrs. I have driven in worse, but i dont have pictures of it. Actually driving on snow isnt that bad. It smooths out the road. It also has a lot better traction that ice. If you look real close you can make out the road. As long as you dont feel a bump you are doing good. I meant a bump and a bang, or a bump and a crashing sound. Feeling a bump in Canada is real common.Feeling a bump and a bang isnt unusual either. What I hate the most about winter, is loading and unloading equipment. I cant stand it when its -20 F and the wind is blowing 25mph. You know its cold when your tears freeze. I guess someone has to do it.