Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some old Pictures

These are some old pictures. I will try to post pictures and a log of my travels weekly.

A large tire for a dump truck. This was taken at the port in Longbeach CA. That is a legal size note pad at the bottom. That is all I had to give a ref. to the size. the rim for this tire is about 6ft tall. They say this tire cost $12,000.

This is a dump truck i delivered to a coal mine in W.V.

This is part of a front end loader I took to New Mexico


Bonnie said...

Hey, Robert, I am trying once more to get a comment posted! Now, you be sure and keep up posting on here -- we love knowing what is going on out there. I can't imagine that "snow-through-the-windshield" picture! No thanks!

Yes, I guess someone has to do it, too, but I sure wish you were home with your family!

Did anyone ever tell you the meaning of "blog"? It comes from "weblog" or web journal, which is what you said you wanted to do. I think your family will love having a record of your time on the road, so keep it up!

We miss you.

Your In-Laws


OK - CJ and William are IMPRESSED with the size of that dump truck tire! William keeps saying "See dump truck, see dump truck!"

Please keep posting your equipment pics - they love it!!