Thursday, March 5, 2009

My real job

Daniel slinging paint.

Katie made matthew pretend to do some drywall for the camera. Oops wasn't supposed to let you know that.

I ain't doing anything just can't get up.
Fat boy, before I realized I was stuck under the table.

Joey, showing his brothers how its really done.Benny ain't complaining, cause it has turned into be to much like work.

The floor finally complete.
My favorite daughter having a bad hair day.
Me,putting the finishing touches on the counter top.

Me head foreman. Matthew chief nail gun operator.
(I look the part, with that big fat construction pencil behind my big fat ear, on my big fat head, on top of my big fat neck, above my big fat gut. I purposely stuck my gut out to make katie mad, so she would stop taking pictures of me.)

Jr. acting like he was doing something. I guess he was keeping the sink from popping out of the cabinet.
Attaching pantry to wall.
The almost finished product. Will do the trim next time I'm home.

Some people have asked how I do it. I drive so many miles in bad weather with such large loads. I keep very irregular sleep hours, and I'm away from my family weeks on end. I admit I'm held accountable to a lot of people, at my job for pay. That ain't a drop in the bucket to what I'm accountable for, as the patriarch of my family. I look forward to and enjoy my home time. I am more tired going back on the road, than coming off the road. Sometimes it feels like a vacation, to go back to work. That sounds crazy, with having such a tough and demanding job. We get a lot of things done when I'm home. I can't wait for the day when I can relax the whole time I'm home. However, there is nothing more rewarding than, working towards the vision the Lord has placed in your heart , for your families future. I wanted to get 2 things done while I was home this time. One was finish the kitchen for my bride. The other was plant the olive tree and fruitful vines, as a symbol of the promises in Psalms 128(post to come soon). That is also our family theme Scripture. I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Bonnie said...

We loved the pictures, Robert! We can tell how hard y'all worked last time you were home -- the kitchen cabin looks great! And I know Katie is thrilled with a real kitchen. Looks like everyone pitched in on the job.

And you are right about your real job being raising your precious family for the Lord -- what a bundle of potential they have for His Kingdom! You are doing a great job at that job -- just stay safe so you'll be around to see Samuel grown and on his own. THEN you can relax a little -- til the grandchildren come! (Ask me how I know!)

Keep posting!

Your in-laws

The Dischers said...

You are hilarious, Robert. All your "fat jabs" were so funny.

That was a really nice post. We're so glad Katie has this nice kitchen to work in. We enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up!

Eddie and Beth


I really enjoyed your post as well, Rob! You are so funny! You really don't look as "fat" as you think.
You all did a great job on the kitchen - It looks WONDERFUL!!
I know there is always so much to be done when you get home, you probably do leave tired!
You asked somewhere in your post could someone please tell you what "blog" means - well it means "web log". Are you satisfied?? Well, I have to show Wills the earlier post because he already spotted a "big truck tire".
Keep us posted!!


Kitty said...

Howdy, Uncle Robert! :)

That was the funniest post I've seen in a long time. :-D I hope you keep it up, it's nice to see you through your posts anyway. :)